In Real Time

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“In Real Time”

The Under construction group, happily invites you to celebrate for a beautiful world, heavenly creation…

The celebration will take place on the occasion of the exhibition of the work entitled “In Real Time” that will be presented on Sunday the 7th of November, during the municipal elections in Greece.

By the phrase “Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation”, the team concludes a series of two independent works of art that negotiate common aspects in different time periods.
The concept was initiated by the work “Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation Vol.I”, that has been presented during the “OPEN LIDO 12” exhibition in Lido, Venice (Sept.2009).
It is to be concluded by the second part (Vol. II), entitled “In Real Time” which will be presented in the Municipal Marked of Kypseli (Fokionos Negri 42), Athens.

Fiesta: Saturday 6th November, 2010, time 9 am

Exhibition Opening: 7th November, 2010, time 7 am